Argonautica: All for one, and one for all!


Commander Chris Hadfield of the ISS speaks with our Captain.


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How Spock wins

kirk arena thumb

Watching Kirk vs. Gorn

kirk tholian 3

Kirk’s ghost

battlefield 4

Kirk’s countdown

mirror thumb

Kirk doesn’t interfere

Sisko meets Kirk

dr noel thumb

Captain Smirk

Brinksmanship on the brink

kirk omega thumb

“We… the PEOPLE”

kirk dinner

Klingon diplomacy

paradise thumb

Debating in a vacuum

kirk charlie thumb

A million things you can’t have

kirk cartoon thumb

Wizard fight

Federation exceptionalism

kirk amok thumb


Captain Camelot

evil kirk thumb

Good Kirk vs. Evil Kirk

kirk decker thumb

Kirk v. Decker

tribble thumb

The joke is on Kirk

kirk eulogy thumb

Kirk’s eulogy for Spock

kirk nomad thumb

Kirk browbeats NOMAD