"Neither highbrows nor lowbrows nor midbrows, but elastic-brows.” — George Orwell
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“I was really intrigued by the idea that plants are violent.”

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Genre actors can be asked to play roles that are seven kinds of impossible.

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Sucking the lifeblood from a spirited original.

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Short attent­ion span? Frag­ment­ation and ab­sorption are models of inter­action.


A year ago this month, I identified a generational cohort of Americans and Western Europeans: the New Gods. Born between 1914 and 1923, the New Gods are — to translate my periodization into the middlebrow-speak of lazy journalists, pop sociologists, and Boomer historians — the Greatest Generation’s younger half-cohort. The New Gods really were an […]


National Geographic News reports that the skull of a plague victim unearthed near Venice exhibits an unmistakable hallmark of treatment for vampirism. The woman’s mouth was forced open by a brick — a measure that prevented her from spreading the plague by chewing her burial shrouds, the alleged modus operandi of pestilential vampires. The unfortunate […]