upton 1906

Upton Sinclair’s THE MILLENNIUM

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He wrote a bestselling work of socialist utopianism.


Russell Jacoby on utopianism


What’s the buzz? A rock opera Burning Man!


“Small, taken one by one, but my god,/ together!”

“This stage was really hell — the fracas of an el / to downtown Boston”

The copious spirit of a public intellectual and unlikely youth-culture avatar.

Should Democrats look to video games for inspiration?

paul otlet

A vision of knowledge and cooperation, taken by the wind.


A scene from BEACH PARTY (1963)


Skepticism, cynicism, irony, and contempt vs. the BIP

A scene from WILD IN THE STREETS (1968)

le guin 400

Is the thought of a noncapitalist utopia even possible after Stalinism?

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He produced lovely typewriters and radical theories of decentralized power.


Help the Open Utopia project get past the prototype stage!

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Joshua Glenn on a panel from TALES TO ASTONISH (1962)

His Mumbo Jumbo promised: “We will make our own future Text.”

Zamyatin’s We isn’t anti-utopian, but anti-anti-utopian.

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Godzilla in Poland; Radium-Age schoolchildren

“I aimed at the public’s heart, and by accident I hit it in the stomach.”

He was a martyr in the cause of absurdism and ’pataphysics.


Why are lowbrow utopias haunted by quatsch?


“‘Grow up!’ — that is the motto of Highbrow.”


Utopia Minus X (1966), by Rex Gordon