"Neither highbrows nor lowbrows nor midbrows, but elastic-brows.” — George Orwell
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Skepticism, cynicism, irony, and contempt vs. the BIP

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cinnamonContemporary Levi's ad

Fake Authenticity defined and analyzed.

starship-footballPicture 3

Are you synec­dochical enough to watch Star­ship Troopers?


The matrix of modern dispositions


Even though there’s no shepherd issuing orders, we behave like docile sheep.

Partisan Review staff (Dwight Macdonald, upper right)partisan

“My starting point is always a feeling of partisan­ship, a sense of injustice.”

1882 photo of Lou Salomé, Paul Rée, and Nietzsche.ff46-large

Nietzsche’s lonely­hearts ads went unanswered…