"Neither highbrows nor lowbrows nor midbrows, but elastic-brows.” — George Orwell

The plural, parable-spawning condiment of the people.

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Animation gets a Shinto wilding.


The gap between us and our data, bridged by faith.


The Dalai Lama is irrationally compassion­ate.

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Here’s a quick post pointing to Hulu’s Cosmos channel, where Carl Sagan’s entire groundbreaking PBS series may be streamed for free. Sagan’s series introduced a generation to a universe that was both comprehensible and mystical–an ecstasy of rationalism. We’re looking forward to diving back into the strangely wonder-filled universe of Carl Sagan. Thanks to Jason […]

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Harry Houdini was not only the storied illusionist of memory; in his time he was famous as a debunker of mediums and psychics and as a prolific author as well. In his book The Miracle-Mongers and Their Methods, Houdini explored the tricks and secrets of fire artists, strongmen, and freaks. Much has been written about […]

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Among the radio transmissions winging its way to other galaxies from Earth is “Are We Alone,” a program hosted by Seth Shostak of the SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Life) Project. Recent topics include “The Emergence of Intelligence,” “Life’s Unfriendliest Element,” and “Releasing the Inner You.” Broadcast on a number of public radio stations, “Are We […]