Sometimes high-risk, high-reward experi­ments are re­quired.


Designing stumble-upon exhibits as engaging as a found Cylon Raider.

From bio­logy to battle­ships, BSG as a model for in­spired STEM learn­ing

Michelle Forbes as Admiral Cain

“All this has happened before and will happen again.”

Arousing the spirit of the original in a new time.

Soylent Green is our own memories.

Willful lying to oneself is particularly evident in attitudes to the future.

Must *punk (steampunk, dieselpunk, etc.) lit be about technology?

So bored of nostalgia.

bsg thumb

Lessons from BSG on building ships and relation­ships.

cylon museum

Museums — take inspiration from the Galactica’s struggle!

Rebooting is no nostalgia trip — nor is it snarkily ironic.

Or rather: Why do Revivalists hate hipsters so passionately?

An un-ironic rebooting of previous generations’ pop culture franchises.


The precocious, ferocious cohort born from 1974-82.