Transmissions from a bleak ten-minutes-from-now future.


Both a singular artist and a mensch.


Her look said: “Leave me the fuck alone.”


Replacing something shitty with something great.


Sexy, funny, truly disturbing — and always riveting.

Darby Crash by John Cederberg

Even his suicide was spectacularly ill-timed.

kira r

Not only a seminal post-punk bassist, but a cool geek.

rocknroll high school

A scene from ROCK’N’ROLL HIGH SCHOOL (1979)

“Adventures Close to Home” became one fan’s anthem.

Innumerable artists have based their entire careers on the briefest of his ideas.

Thirty years ago yesterday

They’re trying to make a dead man out of me…

Right Brigade — 30 years later

It was thirty years ago today.

Rollins is CEO, “Henry Rollins” is his product, plenitude is the priority.

He clears away the worship that can cloud minds.

Do you get it?

The Restorations of Touch of Evil and Raw Power

“She’s a sex bomb, my baby, yeah.”

Did Sid Vicious really invent this British dance move?

Spent the rest on beer so who’s to blame

Must *punk (steampunk, dieselpunk, etc.) lit be about technology?

This is Iggy Pop’s body, broken for you.

westwood thumb

Who cares what the world thinks an “old lady” is supposed to look like?