bellocq copy

A most enigmatic photographer.


“We must get to the painting of ourselves, our history…”


Erotically charged mises-en-scène that make us think.

man ray

Performance art before such a thing existed.

lange thumb

Her political awareness mirrored the photographic process.

Self-Portrait, ca. 1917

He shot the most glamorous photo of all time.


Profoundly political without any rhetoric.

Model, artist, photo­graph­er, surrealist, war correspon­dent.

“My intention is to make interesting photographs. That’s it.”

“Elements in a vast, profoundly disorganized system of meaning.”


“You need first of all, a bad camera!”

She was known as a photographer of freaks; people were missing the point.


The name MARGARET BOURKE-WHITE (1904-71) conjures up an image: a woman with…