"Neither highbrows nor lowbrows nor midbrows, but elastic-brows.” — George Orwell
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A most enigmatic photographer.

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“We must get to the painting of ourselves, our history…”

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Erotically charged mises-en-scène that make us think.

man rayman ray

Performance art before such a thing existed.

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Her political awareness mirrored the photographic process.

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Self-Portrait, ca. 1917Self-Portrait, ca. 1917

He shot the most glamorous photo of all time.


Profoundly political without any rhetoric.


Model, artist, photo­graph­er, surrealist, war correspon­dent.

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“My intention is to make interesting photographs. That’s it.”


“Elements in a vast, profoundly disorganized system of meaning.”

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“You need first of all, a bad camera!”

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She was known as a photographer of freaks; people were missing the point.

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The name MARGARET BOURKE-WHITE (1904-71) conjures up an image: a woman with a camera balanced atop one of the chromed, art-deco eagles that guard the upper reaches of New York’s Chrysler Building. Though she didn’t snap the shutter herself, the portrait is emblematic of both her physical courage and commitment to her art. Her photojournalism […]