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“solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short”

J.L. Austin

The witty founder of “ordinary language philosophy”

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“I would rather be wrong with Sartre than right with Aron.”


The philosopher who discovered the hermeneutic circle.


Big man, big brain, big appetites.

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Colorless green ideas sleep furiously.


Trying to write about one clearly defined question at a time.


Rorty patiently dismantles western philosophy.

“That saving incertitude which is our supreme consolation.”


Can violence ever be praised so? What enormity is required?

Jacques Derrida

Every attempt to speak plainly is doomed to failure.


Walter Benjamin “allowed me to survive Heidegger.”


One of his key ideas is “anomalous monism.”


He spurned all avant-gardes but his own.

Media, culture, and ideology are the battleground of the soul.

The first to see laughter as a weapon of the oppressed.

“An indescribable gamut of colors!” said the first cosmonaut.

Heroically engaged with his own alienation.

How to act right and focus in the face of meaning­lessness.

“Yale Scholar Wrote for Pro-Nazi Newspaper”

He urged an endless, playful agonistics of intellectual engagement.

He analyzed the motives of every act, including the act of analysis.


He wrote “The Philosophy of Breaking Through”

Theorizing in a style that must be described as cheerful despair.