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From Shelley and Verne to Octavia E. Butler and Alan Moore…

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Apophenic thrillers from Kafka to Graham Greene to Matthew De Abaitua.


Paranoid thrillers from Kafka to Graham Greene to William Gibson.


Black mirrors and jellyfish screens


What rough beast emerges from our virtual ids?


Boldly going: the Final Frontier for Reality TV

“useful job for bringing something new to the internet!”

A scene from BLADE RUNNER (1982)

HiLo Gift Ideas 2011 (#5)


Jan Lemitz and the poetics of overlooked space.

Fay Hume’s house — the original Bio­sphere?


What’s the buzz? A rock opera Burning Man!


“Love, making exceptions, humor, deter­mination” are vital.

Richard Linklater adapts Philip K. Dick’s A Scanner Darkly.


Architecture in the Age of Conceptual Reproduction


Skepticism, cynicism, irony, and contempt vs. the BIP

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Is the thought of a noncapitalist utopia even possible after Stalinism?


A Vogue blur.

If androids do not yet dream, they certainly speak.

He was a martyr in the cause of absurdism and ’pataphysics.

A vote for Philip K. Dick is a vote for heroic inertia!

Contemporary Levi's ad

Fake Authenticity defined and analyzed.

Or, The Twitter Artist. A telepathic tale.

An Audience Response Duplicator. You know you want one.