A philosopher who didn’t take anything seriously.

dixon thumb

He played long, luminous tones on his trumpet.

The Seven Chakras of R. Crumb

Cult genius or filthy weirdo? Duh. He’s both.


Charlie Parker vs. feebleminded ofays.


Passion, pain, uncertainty and struggle, but the music stays groovy.

michael jackson lion

Not just a magic spirit but also his own changeling.


Without him, The Sixties as we know them might not have happened.


He served the Beatles’ music with unfaltering skill and imagination.


Takin’ ev’ry wrong direction on his lonely way back home.

coot grant

She thrived in any musical context: jazz, blues, hokum, pop.

cliff ukulele

As big as Bing, but he died in obscurity.


Music as volatile as bare wires, as raw as a flayed body.

johnny ace

He gave an embryonic rock‘n’roll its supernatural cred.


The exegesis has just begin.

braxton thumb

He asks us to do some deep thinking about music and creativity.

jolson thumb

Freed by burnt cork, he became a phenomenon.


He aimed to liberate America aesthetically and socially.


For a guy with no sense of humor, he sure is funny.

evans thumb

Arranging and rearranging was his witchcraft.

vann thumb

“Santa Claus Is A Black Man.”

Illustration by Joe Alterio

Everything that ever was, and is now, and ever will be.

Glen Campbell

A reach for beauty to the exclusion of the world itself.


An avuncular yet urgent singer-songwriter.


He gave himself to Tiny Tim, and Tiny gave himself to us.