dory previn

A child of coincidence and Harpo Marx.

bob mould thumb

His legacy precedes him.


There is no point. It’s all point.

"The Chantels" Signed Portrait In NY

The hurt that makes every feeling a shade of pain.


So talented, charismatic, and self-destructive!

terminator x

His beats lit up the late ’80s with a genuine fire.

cisco houston

His folk singing evinces a forward-staring stoicism.


Sacred exhortations and electric blues.


He sang soul as if it were the black man’s country.


His early Hollywood music was darker than we recall.

carmen thumb

Typist by day, jazzbo by night.

holiday thumb

Anything could happen but nothing couldn’t be taken away.

al cleveland

An overlooked Motown Records songwriter.


“Babylon system is the vampire”

david johansen

He looked — and sounded! — great in frills.

nichols thumb

His solos elliptically paraphrase his melodies.


He got an early education in rock’n’roll cynicism.


Both a singular artist and a mensch.


His genius thrived in stages: chromatic, atonal, serial.


He could adapt to and enliven nearly any musical situation.


She mined veins of melancholy, fatalistic, introspective truth.

Photo by Ziga Koritnik

An unsurpassed fusion of energy, density, speed and lyricism.

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 9.22.53 AM

His songs number in the thousands.

grace slick

Spooky intelligence and challenging eroticism.