"Neither highbrows nor lowbrows nor midbrows, but elastic-brows.” — George Orwell
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dory-previn-kingkongdory previn

A child of coincidence and Harpo Marx.

bob mould thumbbob mould thumb

His legacy precedes him.


There is no point. It’s all point.

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"The Chantels" Signed Portrait In NY"The Chantels" Signed Portrait In NY

The hurt that makes every feeling a shade of pain.


So talented, charismatic, and self-destructive!

Terminator X — centerterminator x

His beats lit up the late ’80s with a genuine fire.

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cisco houstoncisco houston

His folk singing evinces a forward-staring stoicism.

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Sacred exhortations and electric blues.


He sang soul as if it were the black man’s country.

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His early Hollywood music was darker than we recall.

carmencarmen thumb

Typist by day, jazzbo by night.

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billie_holiday_1957holiday thumb

Anything could happen but nothing couldn’t be taken away.

al clevelandal cleveland

An overlooked Motown Records songwriter.

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“Babylon system is the vampire”

david johansendavid johansen

He looked — and sounded! — great in frills.

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nichols thumbnichols thumb

His solos elliptically paraphrase his melodies.


He got an early education in rock’n’roll cynicism.


Both a singular artist and a mensch.


His genius thrived in stages: chromatic, atonal, serial.

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He could adapt to and enliven nearly any musical situation.


She mined veins of melancholy, fatalistic, introspective truth.

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Photo by Ziga KoritnikPhoto by Ziga Koritnik

An unsurpassed fusion of energy, density, speed and lyricism.

Robert-Pollard-by-Robert-LoerzelScreen Shot 2014-10-30 at 9.22.53 AM

His songs number in the thousands.

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grace slickgrace slick

Spooky intelligence and challenging eroticism.