"Neither highbrows nor lowbrows nor midbrows, but elastic-brows.” — George Orwell
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Jacob Mikanowski on three 1990s TV shows.

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Jacob Mikanowski on Kelly Reichardt’s MEEK’S CUTOFF.

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Jacob Mikanowski on P.T. Anderson’s THE MASTER

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Jacob Mikanowski on Errol Morris’s TABLOID

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Jacob Mikanowski on Apichat­pong Weerase­thakul’s UNCLE BOONMEE.

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Jacob Mikanowski on Terrence Malick’s TREE OF LIFE

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Jacob Mikanowski on Pedro Almo­dóvar’s THE SKIN I LIVE IN

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Jacob Mikanowski on Lars von Trier’s MELANCHOLIA

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Jacob Mikanowski on King Vidor’s BEYOND THE FOREST

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Jacob Mikanowski on Josef von Sternberg’s DISHONORED


He’s demonstrated the artistic legitimacy of mocap.

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Harryhausen’s animation is not realistic… it’s magical.

Innocents Miss Jessell Afarinnocents lobby card

“The strange and sinister embroidered on… the normal and easy.”


Besides, you even know what an algorithm is?

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blood and roses

Roger Vadim’s Blood and Roses: Sexy transgressive euro-Evil wins!

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Eyes Without a Face: dis­passionate yet romantic, gory yet lyrical

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The boundary between uncanny and uncanny-­fantastic is a difficult one.

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Liminal Horror movies — between the super­natural and the every­day.

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Blood and Roseseyewoface

Why are horror movies from 1960-63 so resistant to critical analysis?


Andre Bazin wrote “he directs facts” — but did he?


Mark Wahlberg’s penis, Sinatra as intellectual, cheerleaders.


WHY DO WE go to the woods, where the wild things are? Because it’s where the wild things are. Lars von Trier’s forthcoming film ANTICHRIST will debut at Cannes this May. Von Trier may be hilobrow material, although the gravity of his reception has dragged him perilously close to middlebrow zones. If the trailer of […]