A 1911 exposé of a mutant species with high brows


Skepticism, cynicism, irony, and contempt vs. the BIP

A scene from STRIPES (1981)

Rebooting is no nostalgia trip — nor is it snarkily ironic.

strange thumb

Joshua Glenn on a panel from TALES TO ASTONISH (1962)

clambake thumb

A scene from CLAMBAKE (1967)

He began as a critic of Middlebrow, but was suborned by it.


Middlebrow ads on HiLobrow?


Cliff Edwards & the danger of a tiny instrument.

The kitschification of the pipe.

“No Context” is an origin myth for Nobrow.

1968 sports illustrated golf shoes

Alfred Lambert’s prehistoric golf shoes — from The Corrections.

The man who rescued Harper’s from Middlebrow.

Put Joseph Campbell back on the shelf, already!

Millennial Middlebrow!

Chewie is middlebrow! Darth Vader is quatsch!

Lipsyte trumps Eggers


A 1997 discourse on the lower and higher absurdities.


The Hero With a Thousand Price Points.

Crime writer Robert B. Parker is dead. HiLobrow.com contributor Sarah Weinman, who…


Last week’s advice was not for everyone, Gladwell Moore recognizes that. What…

Minute Maid ad from <em>Family Circle</em>, 10/17/08

A cherubic angel heralds the advent of Minute Maid Heart Wise orange…


The matrix of modern dispositions

The Great Books

Every now and then, a well-meaning intellectual mounts a three-quarters-hearted defense of…