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Caption contest! — prizes! — deadline of Dec. 31!

Earn the first HiLobrow merit badge: The Radium Age.


The coronation of the cackiest captioneer.


A caption competition comprising conceptual cack.


I will print this post out and burn it.

Oil Spill Microfic Contest — the winners.

Those two blokes are giving you a chance to win a book.

Micro-fiction contest: OIL SPILL — WHERE YOU LIVE!

Prim Anal Nooks = Roman Polanski.

Holier Hoes: clues added, deadline extended.

The judges have transmitted their thoughts.

Can you turn them back into HiLo Heroes?

Submit a telepathy story; attend a Radium-Age podcast.

What did all the letters and numbers mean?

The 3rd microfiction contest: Telepathy.

30 Q in the M L C.

Venit, scripsit, vincit.

Be a writer and buy a writer.

And the winner of the Magister Ludi Rhyming Slang challenge is…

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