"Neither highbrows nor lowbrows nor midbrows, but elastic-brows.” — George Orwell
Philip K. Dick in Gary Panter's ROZZ TOX MANIFESTO T-shirtPhilip K. Dick in Gary Panter's ROZZ TOX MANIFESTO T-shirt

Those born from 1924-33 are nearly impervious to Middlebrow’s discourse.

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Known best for his Flag (1954-5) and Map (1961), JASPER JOHNS (born 1930) along with his friend and one-time lover Robert Rauschenberg, applied gestural painting and bold, unblended color to everyday images and objects. Focusing on subjects with meanings so completely familiar and known in the culture that they were basically symbols of themselves, he […]

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HiLobrow.com thanks Mimi Lipson, David Smay, Peggy Nelson, and Tor Aarestad for these shoutouts to high-, low-, no-, and hilobrow heroes born on the following dates. Click here for more HILO birthdays. Starting next week, we’ll be structuring these birthday posts differently. Stay tuned! MAY 13 Rest in peace, BEA ARTHUR (1922–2009). She was intelligent, […]