Revenge and cruelty are the wicked core of his films.

innocents lobby card

“The strange and sinister embroidered on… the normal and easy.”

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A scene from CANDYMAN (1992)

A fanboys’ fanboy, he coined the term “Cthulhu Mythos.”

His Fu Manchu yarns succeeded by stoking readers’ fear of a Yellow Peril.

Roger Vadim’s Blood and Roses: Sexy transgressive euro-Evil wins!

Eyes Without a Face: dis­passionate yet romantic, gory yet lyrical


The boundary between uncanny and uncanny-­fantastic is a difficult one.


We don’t need sunglasses. We need to take the blinders off.

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Liminal Horror movies — between the super­natural and the every­day.


Why are horror movies from 1960-63 so resistant to critical analysis?

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Beauty — rapturous sexy sexy, glorious abandon at war with ethics.