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Less Clean, More Free

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To the Victor Belong the Spoils.

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Clarified Reality

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Game Face

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Wired Self­Potentiation



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Notes towards a cultural codex…


What the author of The Idler’s Glossary accomplished in 2013.


Celebrating thirteen HiLo Heroes about whom we wrote in 2013.

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The last five issues of HERMENAUT

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HERMENAUT snapshots

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Letters to HERMENAUT, from friends and fans.


Highbrow and lowbrow culture are amazing sources of joy and insight and wisdom.

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“Lose interest in yourself; gain interest in everyone else.”


He rejected the either/or choice of conventional morality vs. cynicism.


He gave us the weird tentacle and the occult detective.

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From Shelley and Verne to Octavia E. Butler and Alan Moore…

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The escapade: Prison-break lit, from Monte Cristo to Azkaban.

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21 great adventure novels of the Seventies!


From Graustark to Syldavia to Latveria: Ruritanian fantasy!


Survival vs. extreme weather — from Jack London to J.G. Ballard.

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Apophenic thrillers from Kafka to Graham Greene to Matthew De Abaitua.

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Kickstart SAVE THE ADVENTURE — only a few days left!


Paranoid thrillers from Kafka to Graham Greene to William Gibson.