wilde thumb

He defended artifice and imagination vs. the so-called “natural.”

hermenaut 11

The last five issues of HERMENAUT

tony leone

HERMENAUT snapshots

rich jensen

Letters to HERMENAUT, from friends and fans.

research zines

Zine books — a harbinger of doom!

hermenaut 2

Hermenaut’s S.L.A.C.K.E.R. project.

hermenaut 7

Hermenaut’s midwestern trek


Idiot Tooth, Mommy and I Are One, and more!


Bust, Heinous, McJob, Temp Slave

mystery date thumb

Mystery Date, Hey There Barbie Girl!, and Plotz

thrift score

Thrift SCORE, Beer Frame, and Crap Hound.

boiled angel thumb

8-Track Mind, ANSWER Me!, Boiled Angel, Crank, and more.

rollerderby thumb

Rollerderby and Scram


Pagan Kennedy and the Allston scene of the early ’90s.

luvboat 9

1990: Luvboat Earth begins as a grad-school application scam.


“Only a handful of hardcore zine junkies who… read lots of them.”

baby split

BSBN, King-Cat Comics, Dishwasher: zines from ’89.

ben is dead

Ben is Dead, Kooks, Kool Thangs, Pagan’s Head: zines from ’88.

teenage 1989

Queercore and Riot Grrl zines.


1984–86: Cometbus, 2600, The Mark of Cain, Murder Can Be Fun


1979: The emergence of the zine as we know it!

48 thrills

Punk fanzines from the 1970s


Fanzines from the 1940s–60s


Proto-fanzines; and fanzines from the 1920s–30s