hermenaut 11

The last five issues of HERMENAUT

tony leone

HERMENAUT snapshots

rich jensen

Letters to HERMENAUT, from friends and fans.

baudelaire thumb

His ennui and spleen were visceral reactions to emergent neoliberalism.


“Love, making exceptions, humor, deter­mination” are vital.


A 1997 discourse on the lower and higher absurdities.

Contemporary Levi's ad

Fake Authenticity defined and analyzed.

Daniel Clowes on Ghost World… before the movie.

Perfect detach­ment enables us to see things…


“That pig was telling me exactly what to do.”


In 1963, BRUCE LEE (1940-73), an immigrant from Hong Kong who’d been…


Even though there’s no shepherd issuing orders, we behave like docile sheep.