She helped pioneer second-wave feminism.


We are condemned to be free.


Hacking the belly of the beast that has swallowed us up.


He builds churches of disaster, museums of accidents.


The Cuban writer who was the toast of 1960s-70s Paris.

baudelaire thumb

His ennui and spleen were visceral reactions to emergent neoliberalism.

He discovered photography’s affinity with the social uncanny.


The clochard who chronicled freedom from the straight world.

He wrote a fuck-you note to the 19th century. It was a scan­dalous hit.

He urged an endless, playful agonistics of intellectual engagement.

He analyzed the motives of every act, including the act of analysis.


Skepticism, cynicism, irony, and contempt vs. the BIP

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He insisted that he was a poet, no matter what the medium.

borel th

A founding member of the Bouzingos.

He was called “the musketeer of anarchy.”

Desire seeks the Real but is trapped in the Symbolic order of language and representation.

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“It is not at all with ideas that one makes poetry. It is with words.”

He tracked the “lines of flight” that ideas can take up against power.

Guerrilla street theater in Paris, c. 1830.

Charming vs. Creepy is the battle of our age.

To think, to heal, and to write.

His was a hermeneutic approach to phenomen­ology.


He invented cultural criticism.