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Rob Wringham on Flann O’Brien’s THE THIRD POLICEMAN

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In this video, our friend Shelley Jackson reads aloud from HiLo Hero Flann O’Brien’s The Third Policeman… while running on a treadmill at a New York gym. This past weekend, “Speed Reading,” a 90-minute performance also featuring our friends Jenny Davidson and Sina Najafi, as well as a couple dozen other artists, writers, and critics, […]


The myth of FLANN O’BRIEN (Brian O’Nolan, 1911-66) is that he squandered himself in the smalltime, wrote too much for the newspapers and not enough for the ages, gassed off his libido in puffs of wit or washed it away under black smotherings of drink. But his art, like his life, was an experiment in […]

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