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Gordon Dahlquist on Lovecraft’s THE SHADOW OUT OF TIME

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Andrew Hultkrans on Lovecraft’s AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS

A fanboys’ fanboy, he coined the term “Cthulhu Mythos.”

“It became very clear that something very odd was going on there.”


Artist Ward Shelley dissects the genre.

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A HiLobrow editor spreads Cthulhu dis­inform­ation. Oh, the shame!

An “awful squid-head with writhing feelers” — discovered!

In his sunken city, the dead cutie-pie lies dreaming.

Amidst the lulz, awsm goes missing.


“An unspeakable sledge,/and eight Things to strike fear!”


The final paragraph of H.P. Lovecraft and August Derleth’s The Lurker at…

Hugo Ball at the Cabaret Voltaire, 1917

The 1884-93 cohort sought to make it new, to begin again.


He introduced “outsideness” — cosmic dread — to science fiction.