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A multifaceted composer and critic.


He hated middlebrow and appreciated madness.

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The first scholar to take avant-garde film that seriously.


He elevated intertextuality to a literary theology.


His is an unwieldy and rarely screened oeuvre.

He took down Rick Santorum and started the It Gets Better project.

For him jazz was never simply music, it was life.

He made paradoxic human music of despair.

A critic indifferent to current pressures and public opinion

The first man to say “fuck” on the airwaves of the BBC.

Unfairly criticized as a cultural mandarin, he defended joy.


In American humor, she discerned “a deep-lying mood of dis­severance.”

He tried to explain both new modes of being and new social structures.

Reason itself becomes the monster.

He began as a critic of Middlebrow, but was suborned by it.

“Media always offers gains, though offset by losses.”

He wrote poetry of love glimpsed as a mystery from within the teeth of sex.


Strictly speaking it’s Meltzer who’s the hilo hero, who inverted the language…


Even though there’s no shepherd issuing orders, we behave like docile sheep.


He began his critical career as a Welsh signalman’s son drawn to…


Despite her reputation as the witty gal of the Algonquin Round Table,…


As a kid, my upbringing pulled me in divergent directions: on my…


“The institution of a leisure class is found in its best development…

In his seminal works, The Mechanical Bride (1951) and Understanding Media (1964),…