So talented, charismatic, and self-destructive!

charley pride-6

He returned Southern Soul to its Country roots.


He was country when country wasn’t cool.


A convincingly defeatist song about the end of the world.


The ghost in Cash’s machine was Sturm und Drang Romanticism.

Her energy, wit and lithe sexuality made her a star.

He made us wonder whether we’ll ever figure anything out.


Toast is not on the menu.

Without him there would be no Nashville scene.

The sophist­ication of Jones’s voice has never dimin­ished its authen­ticity.

The African legacy of the father of country music.

His nickname — pronounced “Hi-Lo” — honored his vocal range.

“The greatest song hound of all.”

Nobody in American music did more with less.

A scene from TENDER MERCIES (1983)

He fused old-timey vernacular, post-Dylan poetics, and orchestral pop.

Forget HEE HAW — he was of the architects of the country sound.

Ambiguity in a world of song beyond hero and anti-hero.

Her voice was an unalloyed conduit of broken love.

He was alt-country before alt-country was cool.

She didn’t have to sing about crying into her beer.

Like Brando and Billie Holiday, an inescapable exemplar.

A singer of startling dramatic (sometimes melodramatic) empathy…

Forget the breasts, the wigs, and, recently, the plastic surgery. Consider instead…