It’s the make-believe that we keep living in.


He gave life to Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, and more!


His comics have a flavor of animation’s madness.


Eat your heart out, Indiana Jones.


The greatest, funniest cartoons of New York’s gutter age.

His panels and characters are bigger on the inside than on the surface.

kaz thumb

He creates black-and-white surreal masterpieces.


After 9/11, he mocked knee-jerk patriotism and dumb-ass foreign policy.

The hyperreal detail of his sci-fi comics anticipated hi-res CGI.

His Frankenstein was serious, then comical, then scary.

Innumerable artists have based their entire careers on the briefest of his ideas.

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One of the most wigged-out artists on Earth.

He showed most comic auteurs how it’s done.

He is the poet of what you think you might have heard.

bech thum

A cartoonist to watch out for.

Everyone sprouts big square teeth when they’re angry!

His line carries the express­ive shab­biness of scratch and squiggle.

yip thum

A single glimpse of his commix will send you insane.


Joe Alterio signposts the Game of Life.

His twisted, manic art paved the way for today’s highbrow comics scene.


A child’s garden of verses overrun by drunken mermaids!

“Tarts and squidbeasts frolicking on a massive scale.”

Adam McGovern on Dwayne McDuffie.