Virtuosic mimicry meets techno-geek genius.

We do not own our literatures: we merely rent them.

The #wikileaks­paper is an attempt to disrupt the echo chamber.

soylent pad

The dystopian classic is also a parable of the information age.

Arousing the spirit of the original in a new time.

Soylent Green is our own memories.

Richard Nash’s proof-of-concept is up and running!

Willful lying to oneself is particularly evident in attitudes to the future.

Must *punk (steampunk, dieselpunk, etc.) lit be about technology?

So bored of nostalgia.

©Photo. R.M.N. / R.-G. OjŽda

The very rich diet of Nathan Myhrvold.

The future novel a cycle of apps?


Physics & the future of the book.


Catching time’s arrow in an atemporal era.