Bordering on the grotesque, but also fragile.


The most heavy metal of fin-de-siècle French artists.


An almost aboriginal, somewhat psychedelic, particularly populist style.


This Mexico-based artist put the “sur” in surrealism.


From 1958 to 1966 she worked on, and worked over, a single painting.


“Real painters do not paint things as they are.”


His films are pentagrams for the conjuration of narrative.


He spurned all avant-gardes but his own.


His contradictions cohere in his personal anthem to “Question Everything.”

His wit, his sculpture, and his being have proven influential.

sherman thumb

The camera never smiled at her, and she’s not looking at you.

Awesome and devastating, yet naive and vulnerable.

Uncanny, sensual, playfully transgressive art.

rivera thumb

He re-visioned the history of the Americas.

Innumerable artists have based their entire careers on the briefest of his ideas.

Grotesque distorted candy-color figures twist and writhe.

He never ceased his restless formal innovations.

He called the United States a “moronic inferno,” a phrase that stuck.

Schiele’s shameful bent hand, Miró’s weird blue

One of the most wigged-out artists on Earth.

“The most famous unknown artist in New York.”

“An indescribable gamut of colors!” said the first cosmonaut.

Fashion plate, poet, proto-punk and feminist performance artist.

Her art reflected feelings that no one could speak.