"Neither highbrows nor lowbrows nor midbrows, but elastic-brows.” — George Orwell
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Ephemeral, corporeal, sacramental art.

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carmen mondragoncarmen mondragon

Before Lady Gaga, there was Nahui Olín.

man rayman ray

Performance art before such a thing existed.

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September 16 art exhibit — new gallery in NY — HiLobrow readers are invited!

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You may be wrong, for all I know; but you may be right.

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How do you say “Meow” in Doppler?


To study the ocean before we destroy it.

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“New Depression Refuse” — while supplies last

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“I’m not talking to press. I’m talking to people.”

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Virtuosic mimicry meets techno-geek genius.


Playing the appropriation game.

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Introducing HiLobrow #longreads: the artist interview.

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A sound piece that needs to be seen.

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Artistic Mediums II: ghosts in and of machines

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What is your quest?

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Support the imaginary Loitering Centre!

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The art game Every day the same dream is a casual fantasia on the quotidian dialectic of work and reverie. It’s a mere bagatelle, tossed together in six days for the monthly competition sponsored by the influential Experimental Gameplay Project, and its rudiments are straightforward: as a cubicle-dwelling minion, the player’s avatar seeks opportunities for […]

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BORN IN 1900, German artist Gerd Arntz designed a pattern language for life in the twentieth century. His prints and designs were intended to further the purposes of a socialist world even as they dreamt it into being. A protege of Otto Neurath, Arntz labored in the febrile utopia of interwar Vienna before immigrating to […]

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The art of Thomas Doyle is at once inviting and unsettling. Miniature tableaux under glass, his pieces have the quirky, lilliputian charm of the model railroad, the dollhouse, and the museum diorama. But upon further inspection they unfold into dramas of loss and estrangement. The works image “the remnants of things past — whether major, […]

Horvath kite over Switzerland's Morteratsch Glacier<i>Horvath kite over Switzerland's Morteratsch Glacier</i>

Thomas Horvath’s kites are like every kite you’ve ever seen, and like no kite you’ve ever seen. They’re what kites dream of when they lie sleeping in a tangle of string at the bottom of the closet. Horvath uses biomimicry, high-tech materials, and structural principles inspired by Buckminster Fuller to create his deceptively simple kites. […]

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Much contemporary art prides itself on posing questions. But too often the questions are rehearsed, and the answers prompt only tepid flickers of sensation. Works that engage the imagination in a total fashion — that acknowledge obsession, desire, and mortal terror — more often may be found in religion, in pornography, in schlock, and in […]

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Herbert Pfostl is an artist we’d like to know more about. His work combines found images and text with figural notions of animals and herbs, half-finished rubbings, and archetypal blots and smudges. Pfostl’s drawings and mixed-media works invoke a library dear to hilobrow–Blake and Dickinson, Benjamin and Bataille. But Pfostl reads them with stained fingers. […]