"Neither highbrows nor lowbrows nor midbrows, but elastic-brows.” — George Orwell
Philip K. Dick in Gary Panter's ROZZ TOX MANIFESTO T-shirtPhilip K. Dick in Gary Panter's ROZZ TOX MANIFESTO T-shirt

Those born from 1924-33 are nearly impervious to Middlebrow’s discourse.


ALEX TOTH (1928-2006) occupies one of the strangest positions in the pantheon of great cartoonists: an artist of enormous power and lasting influence, he produced almost nothing but ephemera, throwaways and hackwork. Toth could strip any figure down to a handful of perfectly brash lines; he composed every panel and page with immaculate attention to […]

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, this week, to the following high-, low-, no-, and hilobrow heroes. Click here for more HiLo Hero birthdays. JUNE 21 Today, the name MARY McCARTHY (1912-89) first brings to mind the frank bed-hopping and catty portraiture of The Company She Keeps and The Group, her biggest seller. But she was also an immaculate […]