collins thumb

The remotest and loneliest astronaut.


She reminds us of the excitement and beauty inherent in aviation.


She loved waking up, quite alone, in a strange town.

peck thumb

She scaled mountains wearing forbidden trousers.

Isabella Bird in Tibet

She developed a pathological aversion to her native England.


An astute proto-ethnologist attired in full Victorian garb.

Miss Boyd med isbjørn

“Ice does eerie things,” she said.

From left: Winston Churchill, Gertrude Bell, T.E. Lawrence

She was as complicated as the country she helped to found.


The two things she loved most: her husband and an exploding volcano.


“A woman whose life’s poetry never sank to prose.”


A resolute seeker of forbidden knowledge.

osa thumb

She married adventure, but made it her own.


“I am the sun, the star, the earl, the lion, the light from heaven and the Queen.”

snook thumb

The aviatrix who taught Amelia Earhart how to fly.


A tattooed, cigar-chomping, cross-dressing, knife-collecting speed demon.

He set a record that will not be broken until man finds water amongst the stars.

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The whore to Annie Oakley’s virgin in American myth.


The clochard who chronicled freedom from the straight world.

His irrepressible optimism and perseverance outlasted his era.

His silence helps to preserve the moon’s mystique.


The heiress-turned-aviatrix who conquered earth, sea, & air.

He’s still there because it’s there.

A notebook kind of writer.


THOR HEYERDAHL (1914–2002) lived a long life, but so much was left…