In each of his fields of engagement, he stands for humanity.

Rudolf Rocker. CP, Fonds Chambelland

An anarchist without adjectives.


Consciousness-raising was her conversion experience.


Inspiring role model and cautionary tale.

dubois thumb

He fought against “the little men of War and Bias.”


“I was half-crazy with anger… a woman on fire.”


From sharecropping to sharing crops.

haywood thumb

“It is our purpose to overthrow the capitalist system.”


The primary purpose of prison is not rehabilitation but repression.

emile henry

“There are no innocent bourgeois.”


The individual’s mastication in the teeth of the modern state.

Federal Bureau of Prisons mugshot, c. 1944

“Physically, sexually he was the most compelling man I have ever seen.”


Prescient in her arguments for a plant-based diet.


He was part of the bad old post­modernism, in a good way.

Media, culture, and ideology are the battleground of the soul.

Orson Welles called her “the most exciting woman alive.”

She refused to stay silent while her people were cheated.


All of religion is crazy — not just the crazy parts.

“Years ago I recognized my kinship with all living beings.”

“I will never be/finished removing/all these faces.”

The American who helped start the anti-Nazi German resistance.

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The UK’s first action heroine.

She planted a seed of doubt about the price of progress

There is a buoyancy to Ai that lends his work weight.