Imaginative play that constructs a world available to experience.


In search of roles commensurate with his ability and ethics.

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Cuanduine Desponds

Nuns standing in front of a Poons painting, c. 1963

Optically giving, mind-teasing, unabashedly beautiful paintings.

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He brought countercultural humor into sword and sorcery.

Phyllis Chesler in 1979, thinking over motherhood.

She unhooked the hooks and straps of women’s psychosocial bind.

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His talent stretched back to Yiddish theater.

West and Ward

What we published in July, August, and September 2014!

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Utopian Vision

hi-lo iga

Here’s what’s coming in October, November, and December!

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Chapter XIX: Under the Union Jack!


His is a vision of Eden reimagined by Hieronymus Bosch.

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She quietly contributed to dozens of nouvelle vague classics.


She inspired new critical fusions of poetics and analysis.


Shantih, Shantih, Shantih.


He discovered a universe out of space-time.


Joshua Glenn discusses Kern Your Enthusiasm, Nightworld & more.


He painted the portrait of everything our eyes always miss.


The Outlanders

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How Cuanduine put his Foot in it

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Envelope Pushing

Mad 003 Bill Elder001

He transmuted Barthes-like semiotic insights into comic schtick.

Cici and Ash at their Brooklyn bookstore Singularity & Co.

The digital book club for forgotten thrillers is up and running.

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Chapter XVIII: Travelling in State