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scarlet circle

Jonathan Stagge’s THE SCARLET CIRCLE


Lynn Peril on the maternity girdle

visible thumb


princess thumb

Lynn Peril on the Princess phone


The vacuum tube triode

gilbert 2

Lynn Peril on the Gilbert Lab Technician Set for Girls

leg makeup thumb

Lynn Peril on WWII-era leg makeup

diaphragm thumb

Lynn Peril on the Servix diaphragm

nasa 1922

Variable Density Tunnel

tanning thumb

Lynn Peril on the origins of the tanning fad.

girls in trouble thumb

Lynn Peril on the GIRLS IN TROUBLE books.

planet thumb

A psychic revelation about Mars and its Inhabitants.

beau alarm thumb

The Beau Alarm

old maid thumb

The jolly game of OLD MAID

Exploding Bike

1931 Rocket Bike

Raymond Taylor’s composition, A Signal from Mars, 1901

A Signal from Mars, 1901

flea photomicrographic 1900-20

Photomicro­graphic depiction of a flea, c. 1920.

puncture thumb

Atlas Tyres, 1910s

1903 frank reade

Frank Reade, 1903

bennie railplane

1929 “Bennie Railplane” advertisement

rowland thumb

Semiotician, analyze thine own signifiers.


1905 Darracq automobile advertising poster!

frank thumb

1935 Bride of Frankenstein poster

titanic 1912

1912 Titanic advertisement