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black pilot

Black pilot c. 1910

radium dance

The Radium Dance


Femme à la moto

signal from Mars

“A Signal from Mars”


El Anacronópete: the first drawing of a time machine?

pig thumb

J.T.C. Moore-Brabazon and the first pig to fly.


“Vril” supports the world.


Orange, Mass. — in the future. Dammit.


A zeppelin soars above sailboats.


Bathing Beauties at Paragon Park


Oskar Schlemmer’s Triadische Ballet.

cuchulain thumb

How Cuanduine settled the Wolfo-Lambian Dispute


The Grand Duke Cyril’s ice sled, 1911

cuchulain thumb

Cuanduine Desponds

cuchulain thumb

How Cuanduine put his Foot in it

ruth page

Ruth Page’s 1928 solo “Ballet Scaffolding”

cuchulain thumb

A Comedy of Loves

hamilton beware

“Beware! A Warning to Suffragists”

fenton ash

Fenton Ash’s 1909 YA novel A Trip to Mars

cuchulain thumb

A Drama of Love and Hatred

cuchulain thumb

How Cuanduine began to Fall in England’s Estimation

cuchulain thumb

How the People of England received the New Evangel


Pre- Revolutionary Russian horror movie poster.

cuchulain thumb

How they celebrated the Shaw Centenary