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Rita Hayworth meets David Bowie

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“Lose interest in yourself; gain interest in everyone else.”

tales you lose

Stuff we admired, here at HiLobrow, during the past 12 months.

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From James Fenimore Cooper to Charles Portis…

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From Rafael Sabatini to Geoffrey Household and Frederick Forsyth…


Miley Cyrus is at once surface and symbol.

Alan Moore

A restive blue-collar visionary.

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From Mark Twain to Hunter S. Thompson and Erica Jong…

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From H. Rider Haggard to T. Coraghessan Boyle…

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From Lewis Carroll to Alasdair Gray and Terry Pratchett…

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From Dumas and Kipling to Le Carré and Ludlum…


Sexy, funny, truly disturbing — and always riveting.

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From Shelley and Verne to Octavia E. Butler and Alan Moore…


Here’s a short-day-blues antidote.

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21 great adventure novels of the Seventies!

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21 great adventure novels of the Sixties!


She wrote the new millennium’s first perfect novel.

A consciously anonymous persona yet a conspicuously anomalous presence.


A teenage runaway who happened to be possessed of genius.


Theorist of the “temporary autonomous zone.”


Get deliberately lost, open every door, go where the crowd isn’t.


21 great adventure novels of the Forties!


Fetishizing the library without passing on the whuffie.

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21 great adventure novels of the Thirties!