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“A strigine strongman had a mania…”


How did tomato catsup triumph in the 19th century Catsup War?

Etruscan model liver for instruction in divination

The secret history of blood sausages and stews!

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A gamine beauty with a fearless personality.


He saw how institutions and apparatuses order daily life and desire.

unbored games

UNBORED GAMES hits bookstore shelves today!


In which an English cook repels a French invasion.


Clean-lined, india ink-borne graphic magic.

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Annie Nocenti’s new DC comic, KLARION


Idle pursuits of 2014 so far

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His talent stretched back to Yiddish theater.

West and Ward

What we published in July, August, and September 2014!

Mad 003 Bill Elder001

He transmuted Barthes-like semiotic insights into comic schtick.


Biopic ideas

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Plenilunio’s debt to, among others, actor Germán Robles.

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Not just a magic spirit but also his own changeling.

Author Martin Amis

He is champagne — complete with hangover.

An Hermes sign is seen on one of their Paris stores

Cintra Wilson on HERMÈS vs. HOTDOG

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Jessamyn West on COMIC SANS

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Tim Spencer on SHATTER

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Helene Silverman on CHINESE SHIPPING BOX

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Amanda French on DIPLOMA REGULAR

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Tom Nealon on JENSON’S ROMAN