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davidson menorah

Idle pursuits of 2014 so far

hilo2014 thumb

HiLobrow’s year… so far.


Kern Your Enthusiasm, Kirby’s Fourth World & more!


Every digital art work needs to navigate the bottleneck of “bits”.

fitzhugh harriet

HiLobrow’s year… so far.


The Wooger Snatcher!

bondage britney

Bondage Britney Spears!

mimi thumb

Mimi Lipson’s debut story collection, coming in May!


What the author of The Idler’s Glossary accomplished in 2013.

spoonin rap

Here’s what HiLobrow pulled off in 2013!


“Scatter, Adapt, and Remember”

kio stark

“Don’t Go Back to School!”

cooper kept girl

The Kept Girl, a detective novel inspired by a real 1920s cult.

warren ellis

Gun Machine and a Gothxmas tee.

panter album

“Honeycomb of Chakras” — a psych-pop record from Gary Panter

human hearts

A new Human Hearts album, and a book of poems!


Portraits of some of our heroes — by one of them.

tales you lose

Stuff we admired, here at HiLobrow, during the past 12 months.

bad houses

Sara Ryan’s new graphic novel is a perfect holiday gift.


Showing you the money

1870 diplomacy map 550

25 HiLobrow posts from 2013 that got the most traffic (so far)!

nightworld thumb

Jack Kirby vs. Mario Bava — in a feverdream!


Vocal Track Only


Not a life lost and we have been through Hell.