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Erotically charged mises-en-scène that make us think.

collins thumb

The remotest and loneliest astronaut.

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 9.22.53 AM

His songs number in the thousands.

grace slick

Spooky intelligence and challenging eroticism.

toto thumb

A gamine beauty with a fearless personality.


The mind and lived experience, interleaved!

wilde thumb

He defended artifice and imagination vs. the so-called “natural.”

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“Are we not straying as though through an infinite nothingness?”


He saw how institutions and apparatuses order daily life and desire.

pert thumb

Her chorines, molls, and paroled hookers know their onions.


She defended an Aristotelian concept of human flourishing.

Vernon Lee 1881 by John Singer Sargent 1856-1925

An anthropologist of the elusive essence.


Clean-lined, india ink-borne graphic magic.


A philosopher who didn’t take anything seriously.


A “tawny student of Esoterics.”


He diagnosed “problems in living” — not mental illness.


Her feats of transub­stantiation were mesmerizing.

dixon thumb

He played long, luminous tones on his trumpet.


Imaginative play that constructs a world available to experience.


In search of roles commensurate with his ability and ethics.

Nuns standing in front of a Poons painting, c. 1963

Optically giving, mind-teasing, unabashedly beautiful paintings.

Phyllis Chesler in 1979, thinking over motherhood.

She unhooked the hooks and straps of women’s psychosocial bind.

corben thumb

He brought countercultural humor into sword and sorcery.

matthau thumb

His talent stretched back to Yiddish theater.