"Neither highbrows nor lowbrows nor midbrows, but elastic-brows.” — George Orwell
ok clowesok clowes

Clowes is an avatar of a lost generation: The OGXers.


Born from 1755–64, the last Enlighten­ment-era generation.


The authenticity-mongering first Romantic generation.


Productively conflicted, passionately skeptical.

The Dauphinbyron thumb

Meet the anti­authoritarian Original Prometheans.

William Pricebrown thumb

Visionaries and sages, crackpots and zealots!

Edward George Bulwer-Lytton

Meet the dystopian, self-directed, anti-neoliberal Autotelics.


Dark, skeptical, ironic, yet romantic Retro­gressivists.

Lady Lilith — 1867 painting by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

The generation born 1824-33 is the first post-Romantic one.

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The 1834-1843 cohort paved the way for Modernism.

From "Rewired: Understanding the iGeneration and the Way They Learn" by Larry D. Rosen

What can we say about the generation born from 1993-2002? Nothing.


Meet the Social Darwikians (1983-92), and rejoice.


The precocious, ferocious cohort born from 1974-82.

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Were you born between 1964-73? You’re NOT a Gen Xer!


Many alienated, analytical, funny social/cultural critics were born in cusp years.


A lost generation born from 1954-63.

George Lucas and Steven Spielbergkaufman thumb

Born between 1944 and 1953: the Blank Generation.

hoffman-stealAngela Davis

They were anything but silent.

Philip K. Dick in Gary Panter's ROZZ TOX MANIFESTO T-shirtPhilip K. Dick in Gary Panter's ROZZ TOX MANIFESTO T-shirt

Those born from 1924-33 are nearly impervious to Middlebrow’s discourse.


The New Gods are stronger, faster, and smarter than other generations.

Partisan Review staff (Dwight Macdonald, upper right)partisan

“My starting point is always a feeling of partisan­ship, a sense of injustice.”


The 1894-1903 cohort are bitterly resigned to unfreedom.

gernsback-wonderHugo Ball at the Cabaret Voltaire, 1917

The 1884-93 cohort sought to make it new, to begin again.


The 1874-83 cohort travel far and wide in search of new visions.