"Neither highbrows nor lowbrows nor midbrows, but elastic-brows.” — George Orwell
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Concerning Horvendile’s Nonsense

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‘Let the knowledge lead us where it will!’

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Of Compromises in Leukê

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‘You propose to sink a shaft through the earth’s crust?’

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Vexatious Estate of Queen Helen

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They were dying by hundreds out in the dark.

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Clearly the man was a lunatic.

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In Time’s Hour-Glass

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“He is a primitive cave-man in a lounge suit.”

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“The Machine is stopping, I know it. I know the signs.”

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He awoke from his illness to find the world incredulous.

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Cantraps of the Master Philologist

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Progress had come to mean the progress of the Machine.

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Of Compromises in Cocaigne

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I sent a bullet through the right eye of the first thing that came on.

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A worm, a long white worm, had crawled out of the shaft.

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Shortcomings of Prince Jurgen

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In the cave it was always a dusky twilight.

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“My respirator had flown goodness knows where.”

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As to a Veil They Broke

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“What guid can man dae?”

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I said to myself, “Man is the measure.”

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How Anaïtis Voyaged

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I remembered my mission and my fate.