"Neither highbrows nor lowbrows nor midbrows, but elastic-brows.” — George Orwell
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The Desire of Anaïtis

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The Faith of Guenevere

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In the Manager’s Office

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Postures before a Shadow

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Twelve That are Fretted Hourly

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Of Compromises in Heaven

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The Ascension of Pope Jurgen

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Of Compromises in Hell

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As to Applauded Precedents

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Invention of the Lovely Vampire

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Why Coth Was Contradicted

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The effect of the experiment was a world-wide one.

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What Grandfather Satan Reported

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No sound has ever equalled the cry of the injured Earth.

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How Emperor Jurgen Fared Infernally

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“I am about to try the effect of a vigorous stimulation.”

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Farewell to Chloris

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It was a most extraordinary and terrifying sight.

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Sundry Devices of the Philistines

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I took off every stitch of my clothes.

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The Fall of Pseudopolis

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I gazed down into the dreadful abyss.

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Economics of King Jurgen

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I was in a state of considerable nervous tension.