In each of his fields of engagement, he stands for humanity.


She watches the world and reacts, viscerally, and she is us.

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Today he would publish Pussy Riot rather than Turgenev.


“Imagination is more important than knowledge”

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“I would rather be wrong with Sartre than right with Aron.”


Topped with dark humor, his social messages went down easily.


He theorized a cybernetic architecture of mythopoetics.

DJ Run

“Like Martin Luther King, I will do my thing”


She wrote the new millennium’s first perfect novel.

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Driven by a desire to create music that white bandleaders couldn’t play.


His antihero, Pechorin, would kill on reality TV.


Can violence ever be praised so? What enormity is required?


“Perfection to D, is quite essential / He has to live up to his potential.”


A display of multi-tasking that one watches live in a state of disbelief.


No one does teenage fragility and aggrieved hostility better.


He was John Brown and his people were slaves to big business hucksterism.

David Graeber in New York.

Informal rule-making and systems of obligation are everywhere.

Dorky chic, unmusically musical, awkwardly sexy.

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A lethally and incessantly clever futurist.

Not as smarmy as Eddie Haskell, or as supercilious as Ferris Bueller

He pioneered DIY data production, and transformed Anthropology.

“We are Northern white crap that talks back.”

Rollins is CEO, “Henry Rollins” is his product, plenitude is the priority.

His study of the cultural practices and mentalité of the poor was transformative.