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Logic reigns supreme in Wonderland.


His was a nuts-and-bolts science fiction.

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A cocktail of wit and chaos.

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The first non-human HiLo Hero!

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The remotest and loneliest astronaut.

The Seven Chakras of R. Crumb

Cult genius or filthy weirdo? Duh. He’s both.


“My fate lies not in the stars, but in a star: myself.”


Acrobatic satire of American go-getter culture.

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He wrote a funny, angry portrait of working-class life.

jerry lewis

One of the greatest comedic actors and directors of all time.


He envisions a library system that is truly for all.


His boarding-school girls smoked, gambled and even murdered.

Kurt Jr. Vonnegut

“Love may fail, but courtesy will prevail.”


She described her true self as an old woman chain-smoking on a front step.

Russell Brand

“Monkey government!”


“Humour can get in under the door while serious­ness is still fumbling at the handle.”


Grinding repetition and passive-aggressive monotony.


“Let terror have his way, for he’s the best friend you’ve got.”


The sexagenarian amateur who revolutionized crime scene investigation.

Awesome and devastating, yet naive and vulnerable.

The Dice canon is all about monkey business.

His anti-hero was a portly, dissolute art dealer.

He wrote an inadvertent manifesto for idlers.