Steve-O (born 1974)

The nonsensical nihilist who reduces the tattoo ad absurdum.


His antics are merely the by-product of the tortured mangle that is his mind.

Patrick Cates vs. MEAT TENDERIZER

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“The thing about me is, all I’m interested in is just having a bit of a sing and a play.”

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My Arse — Lock — Wide Boy — Doss. The final Cocky Companion!

He laid the foundations for one-color purity as early as 1913.

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Wine gums? Marmite? Peg? A guide to Cocky’s vernacular.

Strewth? Guff? Scuppered? What’s Cocky on about this time?


Nissen Hut? Wankered? Once-over? Cocky’s Britishisms, explained.

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Drumroll, please…

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Jackanory? White van? Suss? Clock? What’s Cocky on about now?

Caption contest! — prizes! — deadline of Dec. 31!

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Frigging? Towpath? Gob­smacked? What’s Cocky on about now?


Who ends sentences with “Me” or “Like,” or fills them with “Sort of”?

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Come-on- ness? Chap? Frank Champard? What’s Cocky on about now?


Wot — Meself — Innit. The badgers’ lexical cock­punching, explained.

Marcus’s plain black loafers — from About a Boy.


Mate? Geezer? Face? What’s Cocky on about this time?


Nick — Scum — Bender — Headbutt. Parsing Cocky’s British-isms.


Hula Hoops? “I’ll fuckin’ do you”? Cocky’s Britishisms explained.


Cream-crackered? Salt-and-vinegar crisps? What’s Cocky on about now?

The Galileo of gaming who taught a lad of limited imagination how to imagine.

His sludgy, funky bass lines launched a metal revolution.