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Mark Kingwell on GILL SANS


We are condemned to be free.


He gave life to Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, and more!


“The passion for destruction is a creative passion.”

jarrell hammock

From his mother’s sleep he fell into the State.


She opened the floodgates of televisual self-parody.

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“solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short”


A literary theorist with a lot of enemies.


The philosopher who discovered the hermeneutic circle.


His stage performances were edgy and enigmatic.


Big man, big brain, big appetites.

Jacques Derrida

Every attempt to speak plainly is doomed to failure.


After 9/11, he mocked knee-jerk patriotism and dumb-ass foreign policy.


Walter Benjamin “allowed me to survive Heidegger.”


“For whom does the telephone bell toll?”

He was haunted by his memories of destroying a Benedictine monastery.

Media, culture, and ideology are the battleground of the soul.

He called the United States a “moronic inferno,” a phrase that stuck.

A Veblen­esque tartness, under­written by a sincere commit­ment to a better world.

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Kirk teaches his drill thrall to kiss

There is a kind of artist whose career makes no sense.

The first man to say “fuck” on the airwaves of the BBC.

His horn rendered a neurotic Scott Fitzgerald beauty in sound.

Ironic bite, elegant judg­mentalism, cut-glass elegance