“Once George lays down his glasses, he is quite a different man.”

“A living embodiment of almost pure ‘pop’ sensation.”

He wrote an immortal anthem to teen freedom.

“Please don’t make me decide between you and a bottle of beer.”

The Groovies with and without Loney were different forces of nature.

“Being great at a terrific job is sexy.”

He knew a thing or two about what grown-up women want.

A story that everyone knows even if they don’t remember the author’s name.


Scream­ingly funny, yet type­cast forever as Ted Baxter.

“You just write yourself the part, and then you play it.”

She refused to give up everything when she said, “I do.”

A selection of 4CP images curated by Lynn Peril

An almost unbearably emotive voice.

The boozy, self-absorbed Patsy Stone is one of TV’s greatest characters.

A great gossip, and an acerbic critic of writers and artists in Paris

westwood thumb

Who cares what the world thinks an “old lady” is supposed to look like?

kirby romance thumb

Lynn Peril on a panel from YOUNG LOVE (1950)


“There has never been anything like this before in human society.”

Pianos plink and glide, strings zigzag into space!

A dancer by training, and an iconoclast by nature.


She was devoted to comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable.

Even if you didn’t know his name, you knew his “Kustom Monsters.”

Rock‘n’roll, horror movies, and Orange Sun­shine acid

Find out why “the name of Marie Vassilieff will remain in the history of Montparnasse.”