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Lynn Peril on the GIRLS IN TROUBLE books.

beau alarm thumb

The Beau Alarm

old maid thumb

The jolly game of OLD MAID

anita loos

Not all millionaires are men, nor gold-diggers blondes.

david johansen

He looked — and sounded! — great in frills.


Devastatingly funny one week and bittersweet the next.


“Nothing makes me tremble like diamonds.”


Her look said: “Leave me the fuck alone.”


Consciousness-raising was her conversion experience.


Replacing something shitty with something great.


Sexy, funny, truly disturbing — and always riveting.


He fit emotive, supple stories into the short, rhythmic space that is a song.

Darby Crash by John Cederberg

Even his suicide was spectacularly ill-timed.


Prescient in her arguments for a plant-based diet.

Orson Welles called her “the most exciting woman alive.”

“Adventures Close to Home” became one fan’s anthem.

“Once George lays down his glasses, he is quite a different man.”

“A living embodiment of almost pure ‘pop’ sensation.”

He wrote an immortal anthem to teen freedom.

“Please don’t make me decide between you and a bottle of beer.”

The Groovies with and without Loney were different forces of nature.

“Being great at a terrific job is sexy.”

He knew a thing or two about what grown-up women want.

A story that everyone knows even if they don’t remember the author’s name.