anita loos

Not all millionaires are men, nor gold-diggers blondes.

david johansen

He looked — and sounded! — great in frills.


Devastatingly funny one week and bittersweet the next.


“Nothing makes me tremble like diamonds.”


Her look said: “Leave me the fuck alone.”


Consciousness-raising was her conversion experience.


Replacing something shitty with something great.


Sexy, funny, truly disturbing — and always riveting.


He fit emotive, supple stories into the short, rhythmic space that is a song.

Darby Crash by John Cederberg

Even his suicide was spectacularly ill-timed.


Prescient in her arguments for a plant-based diet.

Orson Welles called her “the most exciting woman alive.”

“Adventures Close to Home” became one fan’s anthem.

“Once George lays down his glasses, he is quite a different man.”

“A living embodiment of almost pure ‘pop’ sensation.”

He wrote an immortal anthem to teen freedom.

“Please don’t make me decide between you and a bottle of beer.”

The Groovies with and without Loney were different forces of nature.

“Being great at a terrific job is sexy.”

He knew a thing or two about what grown-up women want.

A story that everyone knows even if they don’t remember the author’s name.


Scream­ingly funny, yet type­cast forever as Ted Baxter.

“You just write yourself the part, and then you play it.”

She refused to give up everything when she said, “I do.”