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Planet X

charley pride-6

HiLobrow’s year… so far.


Charlie Chaplin was a hipster

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The best adventure novels from 1964 — 50 years ago.


The Wooger Snatcher!

fitzhugh harriet

The 12 books that inaugurated a great era in kids’ lit.

bondage britney

Bondage Britney Spears!


What the author of The Idler’s Glossary accomplished in 2013.


Celebrating thirteen HiLo Heroes about whom we wrote in 2013.

hermenaut 11

The last five issues of HERMENAUT

tony leone

HERMENAUT snapshots

rich jensen

Letters to HERMENAUT, from friends and fans.

research zines

Zine books — a harbinger of doom!

hermenaut 2

Hermenaut’s S.L.A.C.K.E.R. project.


Zinesters vs. journalists

hermenaut 7

Hermenaut’s midwestern trek


Idiot Tooth, Mommy and I Are One, and more!


Bust, Heinous, McJob, Temp Slave

cooper kept girl

The Kept Girl, a detective novel inspired by a real 1920s cult.

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Mystery Date, Hey There Barbie Girl!, and Plotz

panter album

“Honeycomb of Chakras” — a psych-pop record from Gary Panter

thrift score

Thrift SCORE, Beer Frame, and Crap Hound.

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8-Track Mind, ANSWER Me!, Boiled Angel, Crank, and more.

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Rollerderby and Scram