Snacking Surrealism

british airways

British Process

meneer x thumb

Meneer [Mister] X (c. 1928), by Valentine Williams.


Cracker Occasions

Coors Light

Extreme Leisure

davidson menorah

Idle pursuits of 2014 so far

hilo2014 thumb

HiLobrow’s year… so far.

x contra

Mr. X contra Scotland Yard (1949), by Martin Porlock.

dutch x

De Afschuwelijke X (c. 1946), by R. Poupon.

ted knight

Sonorous Snark


He pioneered the open-air adventure thriller.

eucerin thumb

Mother Touch

lee x thumb

Christopher Lee’s ‘X’ Certificate (1975)

Sentry Investments ad: stock ticker symbols UP for “Big Picture” and “Windex,” DOWN for “Rose-Coloured Glasses.”

Boomer Visionquest

hilgendorf x thumb

Organization X (1954), by Hermann Hilgendorff.

code thumb

Tomorrow Never Knows


He refused to become “mature” or “realistic.”


Don’t Hate the Player

denmark x thumb

Mr. X: King of the Underworld (1942), by Jack Lester.

patek thumb

Luxury Angst

boomer thumb

Boomer Indomitability

lab x thumb

Laboratory X



spirograph thumb

Spirograph Futurism