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Rollerderby and Scram


Highbrow and lowbrow culture are amazing sources of joy and insight and wisdom.

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“Lose interest in yourself; gain interest in everyone else.”

bad houses

Sara Ryan’s new graphic novel is a perfect holiday gift.

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Now I’m a believer.


Donald Duck chokes on a peace pipe.

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From James Fenimore Cooper to Charles Portis…

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From Rafael Sabatini to Geoffrey Household and Frederick Forsyth…

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From James Fenimore Cooper and Arthur Ransome to Paul Theroux…


He rejected the either/or choice of conventional morality vs. cynicism.

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From Anthony Hope to Alistair MacLean and J.G. Farrell…

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From R.L. Stevenson to Thomas Pynchon and Ishmael Reed…

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From Mark Twain to Hunter S. Thompson and Erica Jong…

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From H. Rider Haggard to T. Coraghessan Boyle…


He gave us the weird tentacle and the occult detective.

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From Lewis Carroll to Alasdair Gray and Terry Pratchett…

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From Wilkie Collins to Elmore Leonard and Donald E. Westlake…

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From Dumas and Kipling to Le Carré and Ludlum…

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From Shelley and Verne to Octavia E. Butler and Alan Moore…


Pagan Kennedy and the Allston scene of the early ’90s.


Here’s a short-day-blues antidote.

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The escapade: Prison-break lit, from Monte Cristo to Azkaban.

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21 great adventure novels of the Seventies!


From Graustark to Syldavia to Latveria: Ruritanian fantasy!